TPI TreadSpec Service Drive Unit Ramped



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Let automation replace labor! Tire Profiles’ TreadSpec automatically captures tire tread, alignment, and rotation diagnostics in one easy step. The customer simply drives over the TreadSpec, and the software does the rest. This allows TreadSpec to be integrated easily into your current service processes. With the TreadSpec, Tire Profiles provides the power of integration, reporting, and data to capture every tire opportunity and enhances your customer retention, service efficiency, and profitability.

Tire Profiles’ powerful point-of-sale technology allows you to offer tire pricing options at the time of service write-up and helps keep your customer engaged in the service process.



  • Complete system includes scanning ramps, control box, and camera to capture the vehicle ID.
  • Automatically captures tire analysis and diagnostics.
  • Powerful, point-of-sale technology.
  • Easily integrates into existing service processes.
  • Detailed reporting in a single page.
  • Laser measurement shoulder to shoulder to diagnose tire or alignment requirements.
  • Durable, composite body with stainless steel reinforcement to protect electronic components.
  • Built for indoor installation.
  • Ramp capacity: 3 tons per axle.